Because it offers some of the best training opportunities in the US, the Construction Management Institute (CMI) can help employers better recognize competent employees.

Employers can use the levels of certification CMI offers as a guide to a candidate’s ability to perform particular tasks within a business and choose the most suitable people for open positions. For example, those who have completed the expert level certifications will be better suited for senior level positions than those who have not.

The CMI can also offer in-house training for businesses to help employees excel in more challenging positions.

In addition, the CMI helps individuals gain experience in specific areas. For example, if an individual wants to learn more about one topic, the CMI can accommodate this and help develop that individual’s desired skills with a more personalized program.

The CMI also offers a Corporate Membership. Employers can use this membership to train their employees, earn a discount on coursework and gain access to a business forum. This helps to develop a business relationship as well as raise the standards of participating employees’ skillsets. The CMI also offers regular CEUs to help businesses maintain a strong knowledge base about everything new and pressing in the industry.

CMI also seeks to support businesses in a variety of different ways to ensure that skill gaps are filled and workforce motivation remains high.

The online nature of our approved courses and seminars allows businesses all over the world to access our excellent resources. It provides a business and its employees with flexibility in training and reduces interruption to the everyday running of business operations.