About Us

Who Are We?

The Construction Management Institute (CMI) is a US-based institute that offers certifications in multiple areas of the construction industry. The institute’s mission is to give recognition to individuals based on their level of skill, which can be used to help them advance their careers.

The CMI is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals in myriad ways, including a range of enterprise solutions.

Additionally, the CMI is focused on Ethics in Construction Management. Members of CMI must follow the ethics standards, ensuring fairness and non-discrimination in the workplace for all members. You can find the Ethics in Construction Management here.


What Do We Offer?


The CMI and its approved partners offer programs that will prepare students to pass their examinations following their CMI coursework. The exams are open book and offered online. Once a student passes that exam and has progressed to regular member, they will be awarded their certification.



Certification levels are Professional, Expert and Master. The CMI specializes in assessing students in Construction Management, Claims Consulting, Forensic Scheduling and Risk Management.

CMI certifications have many benefits. Not only do individuals enhance their career prospects, develop skills and adapt to industry changes, they also benefit their employers by having a higher skill level. CMI certifications also allow employers to determine whether or not an individual has the required level of skill for a job role, based on the certification level they have reached, making the selection of a candidate much simpler.



The CMI also offers a variety of different memberships, each with a wealth of benefits. Individuals get the opportunity to network with others, maintain their certification, and have access to journals and seminars. CMI also offers a Corporate Membership, which can be incredibly useful for business teams.

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