Construction Management Professional

Construction Management Professional

Construction Management Professional


  1. What is the CMI-CMP Certification?

    The CMI's Construction Management Professional (CMP) is a desirable certification for a variety of different reasons. Not only is it a fantastic way to validate individuals existing skills in the construction industry, it is also great to acquire for those who are interested in the field of construction management and want to progress into professional roles.
    After becoming certified, CMI-CMPs are proficient at understanding cost, safety, control, and project management. They will have the skills needed to direct the operations on a construction project and have a huge amount of responsibility.
    They are also equipped with the skills to set budgets, create work schedules, and conduct site visits. Furthermore, they can communicate efficiently with stakeholders.
  2. Why Should You Choose the CMI-CMP Certification?

    The obvious and most prominent reason to choose the CMI-CMP is that it will build your strengths in construction management. CMI-CMP certification will allow you to kickstart your career or progress into higher roles in a business. The CMI-CMP will also make you more employable as it will allow you to stand out from other applicants. You will also be able to use your leadership and management skills and apply them to future construction projects and management roles in various organizations. You will learn how to mitigate losses and financial risks while also maintaining quality control with each project you manage. As the CMI-CMP is the first level that the CMI offers, you could choose to progress to expert and master levels. This can be done after a few years. If you are looking to start your professional development, this is the certification for you.
  3. Why Are Businesses Looking for CMI-CMPs?

    The job market for construction managers is growing and it will continue to grow due to the in-demand nature of the construction industry. Infrastructure, schools, businesses, hospitals and houses will always need to be built. Therefore, businesses will always be looking for employees who have a professional set of skills and raise construction standards. Organizations like to hire those with CMI-CMP certification as it reduces the time employers are required to train their workers. Employers will also feel secure that they’ve hired productive workers with a wealth of knowledge who can ensure that projects are completed on time. Those with the CMI-CMP can start contributing their abilities to an organization straight away.
  4. How to Obtain the CMI-CMP Certification

    The CMI-CMP certification requires the completion of four courses that are taught online either by CMI. First, you must take the course which is delivered through live online lectures. Secondly, you must pass an exam (open-book online exam) following each course, given by CMI. After passing the exams (50 percent and above is a passing score) you will be sent your certification.

Examination Information

  1. This program consists of four courses in total. Each course is followed by an exam. The exam will test your strengths and knowledge by using 4 questions, that will cover the topics you would have learnt in the programme. You may find that some of the questions will give you an option between two different questions, for example: Answer A or B. The exam will allow you a period of 6 weeks time frame after concluding your course. You will be allowed access to any notes as it is an open book exam. On competition, you will need a pass to be awarded the CMI-CMP certification.

Course Information

    1. Program Content

      In summary, the course is not academic but rather a professional practice-based program. You will learn with case studies and real examples in recent projects. The lecturers are professionally qualified experts who have extensive knowledge and experience within the industry.

      The programme includes the following four courses:
      Course 1 - CMP-509 Construction Environment and Safety Management
      Course 2 - CMP-510 Construction Legal and Commercial Practice
      Course 3- CMP-511 Project Scheduling and Estimating
      Course 4 -CMP-512 Design and Operations

Who Should Apply?

  1. Eligibility Requirements

      • There are no set eligibility requirements for CMI-CMP certification.
      • If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for Expert and Master levels, then having the CMI-CMP certification is necessary before pursuing those more advanced levels
      • You must also adhere to CMI’s Principles of Ethics
      • Contact our Examination Offer by calling (646) 993-4245 or emailing


  1. With regards to payment, you have two options. You can pay the full amount in one lump sum payment or by our monthly direct debit payment plan. Please see below for fees:
    • Total fee - $1,668.00 ($425.00 savings than monthly payment plan); or
    • Monthly direct debit plan - Upfront fee of $299 and a monthly direct debit of $299 for 6 consecutive months (from Month 1 to Month 6 – total 6 payments).  Totalling $2,093 over the 6 months.

Additional Information and FAQs

  1. Membership Renewal

    Your CMI-CMP certification is valid for three years, and can be renewed every three years by taking a CEU (Continuing Education Unit).
  2. Additional Information

  3. • The enrolment of the program and exam is valid for maximum of 3 years from the first payment made, the course must be completed in this time period.
  4. • Applying for regular membership once you have passed the exam is compulsory to receive the certificate.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the program? 
    The duration of the program will be 6 months. This will include live lectures, but you will be required to complete some independent study also.
    Can I follow the program if I work full-time? 
    Yes, the program is flexible and offered through live online lectures. The lecture will be scheduled at weekends. this means you can take the course and work full-time. If you miss any of the live lectures you can catch up the following day as lectures will be uploaded on our LMS (study portal). 
    How is the program delivered? 
    The program is delivered through live online lectures and a study portal with lecture slides and supplementary materials. You can access the program from anywhere in the world if you have internet access along with a computer or a tablet. You will be able to ask your lecturer questions by voice or chat during the lecture or afterwards.
    How do I apply? 
    You can apply online in as little as three minutes, and will be enrolled as soon as your Program Manager has reviewed your application and the payment is received. You will be required to participate in an online ID Verification check before you claim certification, where your Program Manager will confirm your identity.