Construction Management Master

Construction Management Master

Construction Management Master


  1. What is the CMI-CMM Certification?

    The CMI's Construction Management Master (CMM) certification is for those who wish to advance their skills to the highest level. Individuals may choose to obtain their certification after they have completed the CMI-CME and several years of relevant work experience. The certification is developed for those who are experienced senior construction managers, and gives them the skills to advance to president or vice president construction management roles. CMI-CMMs are prepared to mentor those in progressive positions, hire and manage staff for projects, and head up the financial aspects of projects under their supervision. They will also have the skills to track project performance to see if the company is meeting its goals. CMI-CMMs could be making some of the most important decisions related to a construction project.
  2. Why Should You Choose the CMI-CMM?

    The CMI-CMM certification will provide you with the highest skill level, making you one of the most experienced members in your industry. It comes with a high level of responsibility, but also great benefits. Not only do CMI-CMMs have more job satisfaction, they also receive an excellent salary. Earning your CMI-CMM will allow you to network with other professionals and consistently make significant and impactful decisions as construction projects develop and evolve. The CMI-CMM certification is ideal for those who like to successfully mentor, direct, and lead the team working on their projects.
  3. Why Are Businesses Looking for CMI-CMMs?

    Businesses look for those who are experienced enough to control the operations of a project without costly errors. CMI-CMMs need to be very efficient at what they do and in turn mitigate any losses that a company may face. Construction managers also need supervision and presidential roles can provide this. As the position is exceptionally challenging, companies want to be reassured that whoever they hire is experienced at the highest skill level in construction management, which the CMI-CMM certification provides.
  4. How to Get the CMI-CMM Certification

    There are several different steps required in order to earn CMI-CMM certification. In addition to taking an online program presented by the CMI, students must pass four exams given by CMI. One exam for each course within the program After passing the tests (50 percent and above is a passing score) and upgrading your CMI membership, you will be sent your certification.

Examination Information

  1. Each open-book exam will assess your understanding of the course material using real-world scenarios as a way to test your ability dealing with on-the-job situations. The exams will determine if you are ready for work as a construction management master. You will be allowed four weeks to complete the four questions for each exam. In order to pass the exam, you need 50%.

Course Information

  1. Because the program is a professional practice-based program, you will not be assessed on your academic ability as much as the skills you’ve developed and how they translate into real-world work experiences. The four-part program will be taught by professional lecturers with extensive experience in this field of construction management.
  2. Program Content

    The program includes four segments of study, followed by the exam.
    Course 1 - CMM-709 Finance and Business Management
    Course 2 - CMM-710 Project Control Management
    Course 3 - CMM-711 Project Leadership to Profitable Construction
    Course 4 - CMM-712 Lesson Learning and Managing Issues

Who Should Apply?

  1. Eligibility Requirements

    • Industry related college/university degree and 8 years industry related experience.
    • Or CMI-CME certification with two-year post qualification experience.
    • And Adhere to CMI’s Principles of Ethics.
    • If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, contact our Examination Offer by calling (646) 993-4245 or emailing


  1. With regards to payment, you have two options. You can pay the full amount in one lump sum payment or by our monthly direct debit payment plan. Please see below for fees:
    • Total fee - $2,728.00 ($548.00 savings than monthly payment plan); or
    • Monthly direct debit plan - Upfront fee of $364 and a monthly direct debit of $364 for 8 consecutive months (from Month 1 to Month 8 – totalling  $3,276 over 8 payments.

Additional Information and FAQs

  1. Membership Renewal

    Your CMI-CMM certification is valid for three years, and can be renewed every three years by taking a CEU (Continuing Education Unit).
  2. Additional Information

  3. • The enrolment of the program and exams is valid for maximum of 3 years from the first payment made, the program must be completed in this time period.
  4. • Applying for regular membership once you have passed the exam is compulsory to receive the certificate.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the program? 
    The duration of the program will be 8 months. This will include live lectures, but you will be required to complete some independent study also.
    Can I follow the program if I work full-time? 
    Yes, the program is flexible and offered through live online lectures. The lecture will be scheduled at weekends. This means you can take the course and work full-time. If you miss any of the live lectures you can catch up the following day as lectures will be uploaded on our LMS (study portal). 
    How is the program delivered? 
    The program is delivered through live online lectures and a study portal with lecture slides and supplementary materials. You can access the program from anywhere in the world if you have internet access along with a computer or a tablet. You will be able to ask your lecturer questions by voice or chat during the lecture or afterwards.
    How do I apply? 
    You can apply online in as little as three minutes, and will be enrolled as soon as your Program Manager has reviewed your application and the payment is received. You will be required to participate in an online ID Verification check before you take your exam, where your Program Manager will confirm your identity.