Membership Overview

There are four different types of memberships that are offered through the Construction Management Institute, including Student, Regular, Corporate, and Retired.

Before you begin your studies to obtain the CMI certification of your choice, you must first sign up for a student membership, which is free of charge, as is the Retired Membership.

The Regular and Corporate memberships require an annual subscription fee, ranging from $99 to $399. You can find out what these costs are on the Become a Member page.

The memberships not only allow you to retain your certification continuously, but also come with plenty of perks including expert seminars, networking opportunities, free courses and access to journals.


Signing up for the relevant course is a simple process.  Once you’ve registered, a membership manager will contact you as soon as possible to get you enrolled on our student portal. Once you have enrolled, you only need to undergo an ID check via an online video meeting as proof of identity. You will be required to show a drivers license, a passport or another form of ID, along with proof of your current address (such as a recent bill).

Before signing up, be sure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the certification you have in mind, and know that the program fees range in price depending on the certification you select.



Once you have passed the 4 program examinations, you will need to upgrade to the regular membership, after which you will receive your certification. You will have to pay an annual fee to hold your certification continuously. If you fail to pay the subscription within 30 days from the due date, your regular membership will lapse. The price is $99 per year and payment is made every 3 years.


Corporate membership is ideal for employers who want to not only save money, but also help employees gain their certification fast, either in-house or through remote training. Yearly memberships are discounted and you will receive a host of benefits. For more information about what would best suit you and your company, contact our membership manager to determine which membership would suit you and your company best proposal.



The retired membership is free of charge, but those who apply as retired members must provide proof of retirement. As a retired member, you can work with CMI as a teacher or can write or edit professional articles that fall under your expertise.