Forensic Scheduling Master


  1. What is the CMI-FSM Certification?

    The CMI's Forensic Scheduling Master (FSM) is a specialized certification aimed at those who are in senior roles of forensic schedule analysis or project planning and wish to progress to higher levels such as president or director. This is the highest-level certification, above the forensic specialist expert and allows individuals to build on their expertise to reach some of the most important positions in this field. CMI-FSEs will have the task of leading the rest of the scheduling team whilst also training them to improve. They will also serve as expert witnesses in court, approve time claims and increase the probability of the successful resolution of any disputes.
  2. Why Should You Choose the CMI-FSM?

    If you want your specialized skills to be recognized globally and have certification that will enable you to make leaps within the construction industry, then the CMI-FSM is for you. Your certification will allow you to reach higher positions and give you the opportunity to serve as the main body in managing forensic schedule analysis operations. Your position within the business will be influential on future operations and you will have many new and challenging opportunities. The CMI-FSM will support your numerous years of experience in the industry with an additional recognition of your specialism. This will allow you to have the edge over competitors to land president or vice president positions.
  3. Why Are Businesses Looking for CMI-FSMs?

    Organizations need employees who can lead and take charge of the whole process of predicting delays, mitigating losses and being the main expert witness in potential court cases. While those the CMI-FSMs supervise are also vital in helping with those tasks, CMI-FSMs hold special skills that put them in line for presidential roles, which are a must for a business. All these operations cannot be carried out unless there is adequate supervision and very experienced professionals to ensure that construction projects operate with effective forensic scheduling. If mistakes were to occur within the area of forensic scheduling, legal claims could arise on a larger level. CMI-FSMs are therefore essential. The CMI-FSM certification gives employers confidence in your abilities, it guarantees that individuals have completed the examination which assesses the highest level of expertise.
  4. How to Get the CMI-FSM Certification

    The CMI's Forensic Scheduling Master certification can be obtained once you have completed the practical-based program. This will teach you how to react to everyday scenarios that you may come across in the most complex areas of forensic scheduling. Once you have studied the four courses within the program you must take each course exam and upgrade your CMI membership. You will then be awarded your FSM certification.

Examination Information

  1. Each open-book exam will include different questions designed to assess your understanding of the four difference course aspects you have learned. The exams are less academic and include more practical questions designed for real-life, on-the-job situations. You must score at least 50% to pass.

Course Information

  1. The program is taught by forensic scheduling professionals or those who have a number of years experience in this field. It will be taught by CMI and approved partners through live online sessions. Those lessons and other learning materials can also be accessed through a learning portal, so you can also study at your own pace, on your own schedule.
  2. Program Content

    The program includes the following four courses and followed by an exam.
    Course 1 -FSM-701 Project Control
    Course 2 - FSM-702 Forensic Programme Analysis
    Course 3 - FSM-703 Presentation of Schedule Analysis
    Course 4 - FSM-704 Expert Witnessing

Who Should Apply?

  1. Eligibility Requirements

    • Industry related college/university degree and 10 years industry related experience.
    • Or CMI-FSE certification with two-year post qualification experience.
    • And Adhere to CMI’s Principles of Ethics.
    • If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, contact our Examination Offer by calling (646) 993-4245 or emailing


  1. With regards to payment, you have two options. You can pay the full amount in one lump sum payment or by our monthly direct debit payment plan. Please see below for fees:
    • Total fee - $2,849.00 ($580.00 savings than monthly payment plan); or
    • Monthly direct debit plan - Upfront fee of $381 and a monthly direct debit of $381 for 8 consecutive months (from Month 1 to Month 8 – total 8 payments). This means you will pay a total of $3,429 over 8 months.

Additional Information and FAQs

  1. Membership Renewal

    Your CMI-FSM certification is valid for three years, and can be renewed every three years by taking a CEU (Continuing Education Unit).
  2. Additional Information

  3. • The enrolment of the program and exam is valid for maximum of 3 years from the first payment made, the program must be completed in this time period.
  4. • Applying for regular membership once you have passed the exam is compulsory to receive the certificate.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the program? 
    The duration of the program will be 8 months. This will include live lectures, but you will be required to complete some independent study.
    Can I follow the program if I work full-time? 
    Yes, the program is flexible and offered through live online lectures. The lecture will be scheduled at weekends, this means you can take the program and work full-time. If you miss any of the live lectures you can catch up the following day as lectures will be uploaded on our LMS (study portal). 
    How is the course delivered? 
    The program is delivered through live online lectures and a study portal with lecture slides and supplementary materials. You can access the program from anywhere in the world if you have internet access along with a computer or a tablet. You will be able to ask your lecturer questions by voice or chat during the lecture or afterwards.
    How do I apply? 
    You can apply online in as little as three minutes, and will be enrolled as soon as your Program Manager has reviewed your application and the payment is received. You will be required to participate in an online ID Verification check before you take your exam, where your Program Manager will confirm your identity.