CMI Certifications

Types of CMI Certifications

The Construction Management Institute USA currently offers 12 different certifications. You can choose from three different certification skill levels: Professional, Expert and Master, or progress through each level. Within each certification level, there are currently 4 different subject areas.





·         CCP

·         FSP

·         CMP

·         RMP

·         CCE

·         FSE

·         CME

·         RME

·         CCM

·         FSM

·         CMM

·         RMM


These are in the areas of Claims Consulting, Forensic Scheduling, Construction Management and Risk Management.

We will be adding to our offered certification list in the future. As a developmental organisation, we aim to help those working in the construction field to reach their full potential and discover new areas for learning opportunities.


How to Obtain Your Chosen CMI Certifications

In order to obtain your certification, you will need to be a member with the CMI, take a course with us, or an approved partner and finally take an exam. This process ensures you have the appropriate level of competencies in these diverse areas of construction.

Many decide to start at Professional level and choose the area that most interests them. They then progress to taking the course, passing the exam, and receiving their certification. After this, they begin the next steps to obtain expert certification, and then master.

Please note that to continue to hold your certification you must continue to be a member with the CMI.

Benefits of CMI Certifications

Choosing to obtain the CMI’s certifications will give you a wealth of benefits. Here are some of them listed:

  • The chance to specialise in a particular area of construction
  • Update and improve skills
  • Show level of skill to employers
  • Add to credibility
  • Be a part of a global network
  • Take free CEUs and events

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