Construction Management Expert

Construction Management Expert

Construction Management Expert


  1. What is the CMI-CME Certification?

    For those who are professional construction managers and want to develop additional expertise in the area or progress into senior level roles, the CMI's Construction Management Expert (CME) is the ideal choice. This is the second highest certification of construction management that the CMI offers and is the next level above the CMI-CMP. CMEs learn the skills needed to lead the entire project team, motivate them to reach their goals and assess each project's progress. They may also learn how to address more complex areas of a construction management system such as establishing policies and creating partnerships. They will have responsibility to delegate tasks for those in lower positions as well as involvement in areas like managing schedules and risks.
  2. Why Should You Choose the CMI-CME?

    The CMI-CME certification  is a fantastic way to bring a high level of expertise to your job, giving you the skills to become a senior member of your team. It is a brilliant way to continue your professional development, and could help you land a promotion or take on a senior construction manager role. The CMI-CME can help you do both, because it allows you to showcase your knowledge to employers. As the CMI-CME is assessed and taught by those who are experts of more than 30 years in the field, employers are confident that those who obtain it are appropriate for the role. With a higher position in the construction management role, you will be involved in more areas of the business and face new and exciting challenges. Once you have completed the CME, you will be eventually be eligible to pursue the CMI-CMM certification, which could lead to a position as vice president or president of a construction management team.
  3. Why Are Businesses Looking for CMI-CMEs?

    Businesses look for CMI-CMEs because the certification is a guarantee that their hires are experts in managing vitally important large-scale projects, which may have a higher risk of problems occurring. CMI-CMEs have considerably more experience than those who are new in the field, which makes them much more employable because they require little on-the-job training. Expert construction managers give businesses confidence that they will be protected from losses and projects will be carried out smoothly from start to finish.
  4. How to Get the CMI-CME Certification

    CMI-CME certification requires the completion of four areas of coursework, which is available online. It includes live online lectures as well as additional learning aids that can be found on the online learning portal. The course is offered by both CMI and each course within the prgram is followed by an exam. In order to pass and receive your certification, you must achieve a score of 50 percent and above.

Examination Information

  1. After completing each of the four courses, you will apply to take a four-question exam based on the four different areas of study included in the course. All of the questions will be based on real-life scenarios to better prepare you for employment. Students have four weeks to take each exam, and must receive a score of 50 percent or higher in order to pass.

Course Information

During the online program, you will get the chance to ask questions to your lecturers over live lectures that will be recorded for viewing at an alternate time. You will also be able to contact them after sessions. Throughout the entirety of the course, you will receive the support you need to pass the exam.

Program Content

To prepare you for the examinations, you will learn 4 different courses.
Course 1 - CME-609 Construction Environment and Safety Management
Course 2 - CME-610 Leadership and Finance Management
Course 3 - CME-611 Construction Law and Dispute Management
Course 4 - CME-612 Project Control and Planning

Who Should Apply?

  1. Eligibility Requirements

    • Three years of industry related experience along with a relevant college/university degree; or
    • A CMI-CMP certification with one year of post-qualification experience; and
    • Adherence to CMI’s Ethics in Construction Management.
    If you are not sure whether you can meet the eligibility requirements, contact our Examination Offer by calling (646) 993-4245 or emailing  


  1. With regards to payment, you have two options. You can pay the full amount in one lump sum payment or by our monthly direct debit payment plan. Please see below for fees:
    • Total fee - $1,969.00 ($390.00 savings than monthly payment plan); or
    • Monthly direct debit plan - Upfront fee of $337 and a monthly direct debit of $337 for 6 consecutive months (from Month 1 to Month 6 – total 6 payments) totalling $2,359 over 6 months.

Additional Information and FAQs

  1. Membership Renewal

    Your CMI-CME certification is valid for three years, and can be renewed every three years by taking a CEU (Continuing Education Unit).
  2. Additional Information

  3. • The enrolment of the program and exams is valid for maximum of 3 years from the first payment made, the program must be completed in this time period.
  4. • Applying for regular membership once you have passed the exams is compulsory to receive the certificate.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the program? 
    The duration of the program will be 6 months. This will include live lectures, but you will be required to complete some independent study also.
    Can I follow the program if I work full-time? 
    Yes, the program is flexible and offered through live online lectures. The lecture will be scheduled at weekends. This means you can take the course and work full-time. If you miss any of the live lectures you can catch up the following day as lectures will be uploaded on our LMS (study portal). 
    How is the program delivered? 
    The program is delivered through live online lectures and a study portal with lecture slides and supplementary materials. You can access the program from anywhere in the world if you have internet access along with a computer or a tablet. You will be able to ask your lecturer questions by voice or chat during the lecture or afterwards.
    How do I apply? 
    You can apply online in as little as three minutes, and will be enrolled as soon as your Program Manager has reviewed your application and the payment is received. You will be required to participate in an online ID Verification check before you take your exam, where your Program Manager will confirm your identity.