Purchasing Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

Within these purchasing terms and conditions, “CMI” refers to the Construction Management Institute USA.

“Purchaser” refers to any such body that enters into a transaction for the purpose of goods or services such as students, businesses etc.

“Goods” refers to all goods including course materials.

“Services” refers to all services including access to online portal, teaching, course access, training, memberships, and certifications.


2. Purpose

This document determines the purchasing terms and conditions of transactions for services or goods from the Construction Management Institute USA, and the purchaser.


3. Pricing and Payment

All pricing of courses, certification examinations and memberships can be subject to change by the CMI.

If any purchaser currently holds an agreement with the CMI such as having an existing membership, they will be informed about any changes to their future payments.

The purchaser must complete payment within the specified time frame to continue holding their membership and other services or their membership will be revoked.

In order for the purchaser to continually hold their certification they must ensure that they pay the required fees on time.


4. Refunds

If the purchaser provides too much payment for a service or goods, then they will be refunded.

If the required written notice of 10 working days has been met for the purchasers cancellation of membership, they will be refunded.


5. Termination of contract between CMI and purchaser

The purchaser can decide to discontinue their membership, course, or certification with notice.

If the purchaser wishes to cancel their membership, they must send the CMI a written statement informing the CMI that they wish to cancel, at least 10 working days before membership renewal.

If the purchaser wishes to terminate at any other time, the CMI will not be required to refund the purchaser if they have not given the 10 working days’ notice.

Membership and or the Certification of the purchaser can be revoked if they fail to comply with the Ethics of Construction Management.


6. Delivery

The purchaser will have to make payment before any of the goods or services are delivered.

The CMI will deliver the goods and services with high standards.

The CMI will deliver goods and services as described on the CMI website.