There are three different skill levels of certification offered through the Construction Management Institute: Professional, Expert and Master.

The Professional level is the starting point for many applicants. Progression to Expert and Master is ideal for those with further experience. You can find the eligibility requirements for each certification on the CMI Certifications pages.

In order to get your certification, you’ll need to apply for your chosen CMI program. Each program consists of 4 courses, and each course is followed with an online exam. Once all four exams are complete, you are ready to apply for membership and certification.  Those who become a member of CMI demonstrate an appropriate skillset earning them their certification.

Certification must be renewed after three years, and will require continuing education credits (CEU).

It is possible to upgrade your certification to Expert and Master levels at the point of membership renewal. Alternatively, many of our students chose to upgrade early. It is possible to upgrade at any point within the three years of membership if you meet the appropriate criteria.

CMI currently offers certifications in Claims Consulting, Forensic Scheduling, Construction Management and Risk Management, and has plans to develop additional certifications in the near future.