CMI Certifications

The Construction Management Institute offers a variety of different certifications to obtain. You can choose from three different certification skill levels: Professional, Expert and Master, or progress through each level.

At Professional level we offer the CCP, FSP, CMP and RMP.

At Expert level we offer the CCE, FSE, CME, and the RME.

At Master level we offer the CCM, FSM, CMM, and RMM.

These are in the areas of Claims Consulting, Forensic Scheduling, Construction Management and Risk Management.

We will be added to our areas of certification in the future.

In order to obtain your certification, you will need to be a member with the CMI, take a course with an approved partner and finally take an exam with us before we award it to you. This process ensures you have the appropriate level of competencies in these diverse areas of construction.