december, 2020

23dec12:35 pm12:35 pmThe Commercial Impact of Covid-19 on the Construction Industry


Event Details


The impact of Covid-19 was as hard-hitting on the construction industry as it was on most other businesses that suffered the effects of the pandemic. Many businesses throughout the US had to consider how COVID-19 would affect them and what strategies they could put in place to best cope with the situation.

With the economy on a downward spiral, there was less demand for construction. A reduction or loss of income meant that many clients held back on creating construction deals with housing and commercial property. In turn, this impacted the construction industry further.

During the peak of lockdowns, workers were unable to complete works and this led to delays and commercial losses.

This seminar will outline how Covid-19 impacted the construction industry and what steps the industry took to get back up and running to reduce as much loss as possible. It will also inform you of the steps many businesses are taking to create strategies to prepare for a similar event, and how construction work can continue with guidelines for distancing.


Learning Outcomes


  • Understand how businesses adapted practices to keep workers safe.
  • Understand how the economy slumped and what ultimately caused that.
  • Learn common strategies that many businesses implemented in order to adapt to change.
  • Understand the regulations that were created for construction sites.
  • Understand how the digital world helped the commercial development of the industry.
  • Learn about the next steps for the industry during the pandemic.


(Wednesday) 12:35 pm - 12:35 pm